Durian Yee Sang

Chinese New Year will not be the same without Yee Sang. Don't let this MCO stop you from this tradition. Special "Mau king Durian Yee Sang" order today and toss your way to prosperity to this year of the Hari - Mau . Yee Sang : premium ingredients + Abalone *Same day durian*

RM 239.00


1. Red cabbage

2. Cabbage

3. Yam bean 

4. Carrot

5. Snow fungus

6. Jack fruit

7. Red taro

8. Fresh seaweed

9. Konnyaku

10. Cracker

11. Roasted peanut

12. Sesame seeds

13. Honey sourplum

14. Abalone

15. Musang King Durian 400gm